Global forests, sustainability, and the built environment

Trees are an essential part of a sustainable future, a future which includes more wood buildings in our world’s cities.

In “The Argument for Wood in the Built Environment,” Chris Carbone of Bensonwood argues in favor of sustainably harvest wood that can be turned in timber, eventually being used to build wood structures. He explains that people have been using wood as a building material for thousands of years and now understand wood’s structural abilities ever better. With some exceptions, he claims that we now have “…the knowledge and ability to construct most of our buildings nearly completely out of wood.”

Wood Commercial Building 5
(The Schachinger Logistics Center in Linz, Austria. Photo credit: Walter Ebenhofer)


The article goes on to say that “wood substitutes for other construction materials can save up to 31% of global CO2 emissions.” If this is the case, Carbone argues that we are morally obligated to use more wood while creating the world’s built environment.

Read the whole article at BUILDER Online and let us know your thoughts.

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