More images for the planned 18-story UBC dorm

Back in October 2015, we started talking about the new 18-story University of British Colombia dormitory that is in planning. And now more design images have been revealed to show the full extent of the plans.

Image: Acton Ostry Architects
Canada 2
(Newest design images for UBC’s wooden dormitory. Photo credit: Acton Ostry Architects)

Kenneth Chan at Vancity Buzz revealed the designs for the residence hall which is set to be the world’s tallest wooden building.

Canada 3
Canada 4
(Artistic designs for the wood framing of UBC’s dormitory which shows plans to use CLT and exposed wood. Photo credit: Acton Ostry Architects)

The design firm, Acton Ostry Architects, describe the building systems as “53m tall mass timber structure comprised of two-way CLT floor slabs, glulam columns and steel connectors; concrete, gypsum board, prefab building envelope with metal cladding.”

Canada 1
(Proposed location on UBC’s Point Grey Campus for the new dormitory. Photo credit: Acton Ostry Architects)

The current plan is to have the building be open by summer 2017, in time for the next generation of students to begin school in the fall.

To see even more images of the building and to learn more, visit the project page of Acton Ostry Architects.

Modern Tall Wood Buildings: Opportunities for Innovation

Dr. Jim Bowyer at Dovetail Partners, Inc. has published a report focusing on tall wood buildings. “Modern Tall Wood Buildings: Opportunities for Innovation” covers the history of CLT, examples of tall wood buildings globally, wood building initiatives across the globe, tall wood building potential, costs, and cautions.

The report states, “Tall wood buildings offer an opportunity to connect rural resources with urban communities in a manner that has the potential to support forest restoration, drive green building, and address carbon emission reduction objectives. However, the use of engineered wood products and new building technologies requires thoughtful consideration of questions about durability, performance, and long-term impact. The continued evaluation, testing, and reporting on tall-wood building research is a key component to ensure the safe and responsible realization of this innovation and its full suite of potential benefits.”

Read the full report from Dovetail Partners, Inc.

Reworks and LEVER gearing up for Albina Yard

Portland, Oregon firms Reworks Inc. and LEVER Architecture are constructing the latest mass timber building. Albina Yard, a 16,000 square foot creative office building, is currently under construction in North Portland’s Mississippi District. The building holds the title of the first use of domestically produced CLT panels for a building-wide structural system in the United States. The building has been under construction since August and framing is set to be completed next week.

Watch the video below and see how quickly the CLT panels and glulam frame are assembled!

According to the Albina Yard fact sheet, the building will utilize mass timber construction with “glue-laminated timber frame and cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels manufactured and prefabricated at D.R. Johnson Lumber Co. in Riddle, [Oregon].” Albina Yard represents a collaboration between Reworks Inc. (contractor, developer, owner, and builder), LEVER Architecture (designer), and KPFF Consulting Engineers (structural engineer).

Albina Yard- Lever Architecture 1
(Conceptual design for the exterior of LEVER Architecture’s Albina Yard. Photo credit: LEVER Architecture)

This is not the first time LEVER Architecture has made the news for their wood building design. In September 2015, they won the U.S. Tall Wood Building competition for the West coast.

Update: We incorrectly identified LEVER Architecture as the builder. The builder is Reworks Project and LEVER Architecture is the designer.

Ad hoc committee made for Tall Wood Buildings

The International Code Council (ICC) Board of Directors recently announced they have established an ad hoc committee focused entirely on the building science of tall wood buildings. The term tall wood applies to wood construction which uses cross-laminated timber (CLT) and is 6 stories or taller.

The scope of the ad hoc committee is to “investigate the feasibility of and take action on developing proposed changes to the International Codes or I-Codes for tall wood buildings” and ” is expected to continue through the 2018/2019/2020 Code Development Cycle.” This means the committee could submit code changes for the 2021 International Building Code.

In their press release calling for applications for the committee, Board President Alex “Cash” Olszowy, III said, “The ICC Board carefully considered more than 160 comments from stakeholders prior to establishing this committee…Many of the comments emphasized the need for ICC to comprehensively investigate all aspects of this new construction technology, acknowledging its design flexibility, significant sustainability attributes, and the potential economic impact to our nation’s built environment.”

Upcoming Mass Timber Conference in Portland, OR

Modern tall wood buildings, engineered wood products, and cross-laminated timber are just some of the topics covered at the Mass Timber Conference this year. From March 22-24, global experts and interested individuals will gather at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront in Portland, Oregon. The event is co-produced by Forest Business Network and WoodWorks, two industry leaders in the discussion around massive timber products and construction. The event is sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, Hexion, Softwood Lumber Board, and Vaagen.

The theme of the conference is to “explore current opportunities and obstacles for cross-laminated timber, nail-laminated timber, glulam panels, laminated veneer lumber, and other mass timber construction in North America and how to execute projects today.”

Logo for Mass Timber Conference

The conference will kick off with a Mass Timber Building and Construction Tour around Portland. Participants will learn about mass timber construction while touring some of Portland’s newest mass timber buildings up-close. Highlights on the tour include the Framework building, Albina Yard, Clay Creative, and the Radiator.

Much of the conference will be filled with educational panels and presentations. Over 45 presenters from the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia will introduce their global perspectives to the panels and lead discussions around mass timber. Speakers include Valerie Johnson of DR Johnson Lumber, Robert Malczyk of Equilibrium Consulting, Thomas Robinson of LEVER Architecture, and Cees de Jager of Softwood Lumber Board.

Throughout the conference as well, there will be an exhibit hall with sponsors showcasing the latest developments.

Thinking about attending? Register here and receive a 20% discount through March 9!


WoodWorks announces 2016 Wood Design Award winners

Congratulations to the 2016 Wood Design Award winners! WoodWorks announced the national and regional design winners. Now it its 8th year, the Wood Design Award is meant to “celebrate projects and design teams that showcase the innovative use of wood as both a structural and finish material,” according to Jennifer Cover, PE, executive director of WoodWorks/Wood Products Council. She went on to say “Ranging from mass timber to traditional wood-frame, this year’s winning projects exemplify wood’s many attributes, from structural performance and design versatility, to sustainability and cost effectiveness.”

Winners of 2016 Wood Design Awards (The 16 national and regional winners of WoodWork’s 2016 Wood Design Awards. Photo credit: WoodWorks)

National awards are presented in nine categories: Multi-Story Wood Design, Commercial Wood Design, Wood in Government Buildings, Institutional Wood Design, Wood in Educational Buildings, Beauty of Wood – Innovation, Beauty of Wood – Craft, Green Building by Nature, and Green Building by Design.

The final list of winners is available in the WoodWorks press release and complete details are on the WoodWorks Project Gallery.

The nation’s first CLT hotel

Construction on the nation’s first hotel built out of cross-laminated timber (CLT) is complete. Architects Newspaper recently reported on the CLT hotel, located on the site of a former Army troop barracks at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama.

Redstone Arsenal
(The Redstone Arsenal hotel while under construction. Photo credit: Lend Lease)

The 4 story hotel is also known as Candlewood Suites and will house on-post military members, their families and all government travelers to the area.

Redstone Arsenal 2
(The completed Candlewood Suites at the Redstone Arsenal. Photo credit: InterContinental Hotels Group)