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CLT in New England: Assessing The Wood Supply and Investment Potential for a New England Engineered Wood Products Mill (July, 2017)

With support from the USDA Forest Service, NEFF commissioned an analysis of the potential for a New England cross-laminated timber (CLT) mill. The analysis looked at the suitability of New England tree species, their availability, the potential cost of New England-produced CLT,  likely returns on investment from a CLT mill, and potential markets for CLT in New England.

Interim Report on Progress (October, 2015)

New England Forests – The Path to Sustainability
This report reveals forests’ existing contributions and future potential to support New Englanders’ lives and lifestyle. It puts forward the first steps we collectively need to take to seize that potential to ensure a sustainable future.
New England Forests- The Path to Sustainability
  (September, 2014)

Two chapters of The Path to Sustainability focus specifically on wood and one on climate change. Technical reports correspond with each chapter and include data supporting each forest benefit.
Chapter 4- Protect Us From Climate Change
Chapter 7- Grow More Wood
Chapter 10- Provide More Wood for Buildings

News and Articles
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Press Releases
Press Release- Tall Wood in the City
 (September 14, 2015)
New England Forestry Foundation to investigate new uses for New England wood products (May 18, 2016)