Largest mass timber building in U.S. opens today in Minneapolis

T3, a seven-story wood office building, opened today in Minneapolis. The building, located in the North Loop district, has become the tallest modern wood building in the U.S.

t3-1(T3, the tallest wood building in the U.S. Photo credit: Ema Peter)

T3 stands for Timber, Technology, Transit and was designed by Michael Green Architecture. The 220,000 square foot building features cross-laminated timber (CLT) as well as nail-laminated timber (NLT).

t3-4(The exterior of T3 in Minneapolis. Photo credit: Ema Peter)

StructureCraft fabricated T3’s NLT panels in Winnipeg and was also able to build 180,000 square feet of timber framing in less than 10 weeks. The interior was left bare, which emphasizes the natural timber framing while saving on cost.

(The interior of T3. Photo credit: Ema Peter)

The CLT and NLT panels were combined with a spruce glue laminated (glulam) post-and-beam frame and a concrete slab. According to The Architects Newspaper, most of the wood used came from the Pacific Northwest region, sustainably harvested after being killed by the mountain pine beetle, and all of the wood was certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Guidelines.

See more photos of the new T3 building below! (Photo credit for all: Ema Peter)





France plans to build first wooden towers in Bordeaux

France is gearing up to make the country’s first tall timber construction in the form of two towers. The pair of wooden towers are planned to be 50 and 57 meters high (164 and 187 feet) and will built in the center of the city by Bordeaux Euratlantique.

(Artistic design of Hypérion, a planned 18-story wooden tower in Bordeaux. Photo credit: Jean-Paul Viguier & Associés)

Global Construction Review details the plans which include multiple design teams. The taller of the two towers, “Hypérion”, will be an 18-story residential tower with 82 apartments. The project team includes Eiffage, specialist wood contractor Woodeum, landlord Clairsienne and architect Jean-Paul Viguier & Associés. The other tower, nicknamed “Silva,” will be an office building. The project team includes developer Kaufman & Broad and is designed by architect Art & Build. 80% of Silva will be made with locally sourced cross-laminated timber with glulam plywood bracing.

(Rendering of the 50 meter tall wooden building, Silva, in France. Photo credit: Art & Build)

Both of the designs were chosen in a competition held by the city. Global Construction Review reports that construction on Hypérion is expected to begin in September 2017 with both towers completed by 2020.

Read more about the timber towers and learn about other wooden buildings in France.

Reworks and LEVER gearing up for Albina Yard

Portland, Oregon firms Reworks Inc. and LEVER Architecture are constructing the latest mass timber building. Albina Yard, a 16,000 square foot creative office building, is currently under construction in North Portland’s Mississippi District. The building holds the title of the first use of domestically produced CLT panels for a building-wide structural system in the United States. The building has been under construction since August and framing is set to be completed next week.

Watch the video below and see how quickly the CLT panels and glulam frame are assembled!

According to the Albina Yard fact sheet, the building will utilize mass timber construction with “glue-laminated timber frame and cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels manufactured and prefabricated at D.R. Johnson Lumber Co. in Riddle, [Oregon].” Albina Yard represents a collaboration between Reworks Inc. (contractor, developer, owner, and builder), LEVER Architecture (designer), and KPFF Consulting Engineers (structural engineer).

Albina Yard- Lever Architecture 1
(Conceptual design for the exterior of LEVER Architecture’s Albina Yard. Photo credit: LEVER Architecture)

This is not the first time LEVER Architecture has made the news for their wood building design. In September 2015, they won the U.S. Tall Wood Building competition for the West coast.

Update: We incorrectly identified LEVER Architecture as the builder. The builder is Reworks Project and LEVER Architecture is the designer.

America’s first modern tall timber building on its way

Minneapolis will soon be the home to the T3 building- America’s first modern tall timber building. T3, which stands for Timber, Technology and Transit, will be a 7 story office building made with nail laminated timber panels (NLT). Michael Green Architecture and DLR Group  designed the building and it is being developed by Hines.

T3 1.22.2016(Construction is underway for the T3 building and significant progress has been made as of January 22. Photo credit: Work Zone Cam)

As you can see in the picture of the building, not everything in T3 will be wood. The elevator core, parking level, and foundation are all concrete. Crews recently began to erect the wooden panels on the glue laminated (glulam) post and beam frame.

Read more about this momentous building in MinnPost’s Into the wood: America’s first modern tall timber building rises in Minneapolis. As a bonus, you can even view a work zone construction cam and watch a time-lapse of the progress!


Portland does it again!

Say hello to Portland’s newest wood building. Framework, the five story heavy timber office building, is made of glue-laminated beams, natural wood floors, and is enclosed in large glass windows for maximum natural lighting. It was developed by Urban Development + Partners and is around 25,000 square feet of office space.

Framework in Portland
(The exterior of the Framework, a heavy timber building in Portland. Photo credit: Works Partnership Architecture)

Located at the corner of Northeast Sixth and Davis, the new Framework building is beautiful inside and out. See a full slideshow of the building or read about it more at Portland Business Journal.