A New England Forestry Foundation Program
New England Forestry Foundation headquarters at Prouty Woods Community Forest, photo by Charlie Reinertsen



About the Build It With Wood Initiative

True sustainability in the forest sector means not only considering how our forests are managed and conserved, but also the fate of the wood products that come from working forests. The Build It With Wood (BIWW) program complements New England Forestry Foundation’s more than 75 years’ worth of experience practicing and promoting sustainable forestry by working to increase the use of sustainably harvested wood throughout our economy. BIWW raises awareness about the benefits of wood as a renewable material, compared with more fossil fuel-intensive alternatives like plastic, steel, and concrete. BIWW focuses especially on opportunities within the building sector where engineered wood products now make it possible to build tall buildings with wood and turn our cities from a carbon source to a carbon sink. BIWW promotes an approach to using our forest resources to create a sustainable economy and counter climate change that is uniquely aligned to achieve a number of ecological, economic and social benefits.

About New England Forestry Foundation

Our mission: Through the application of our core expertise in conserving forestland and advancing Exemplary Forestry, New England Forestry Foundation helps the people of New England to sustain their way of life, protect forest wildlife habitat and ecosystem services, and mitigate and adapt to climate change.

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